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Voice of Youth: Sibin

Voice of Youth: Sibin

Sibin Kartik Tiwari
24 years, MBA, Business Sustainability

Every year in Delhi we have seen that between the time period of October and December, the air pollution rises exponentially. The trend of rise in air pollution during this time period has been seen again this year. This has become a very serious concern for every person living in Delhi as the country is also facing the problem of COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise in the air pollution, there has been an increase in COVID cases as well in Delhi-NCR. We need to take some necessary steps to reduce the air pollution in Delhi – NCR otherwise things will continue to worsen in future. Our commitment to climate change goals is challenged due to the visuals we see in Delhi. Smog all around the city with little visibility and several health complications. Many prefer to leave Delhi during this period, specially those who are suffering from some chronic breathing illness.As the country battles COVID crisis, Delhi has been a major hotspot of cases. Stern efforts weren’t taken to stop or decelerate the crisis at the right time. Even as we see a resurgence of COVID cases and number of deaths, no solution in sight for the harmful toxic air. To walk the talk on preservation of environment we live in, we will need to come up with an effective solution for this twindemic problem.

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  1. Vignesh

    Very well said.


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