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22 years, MS, Environmental Studies & Resource Management

Since the early 2000’s marauding signs of air, noise and land pollution began to surface in our beloved  Delhi. Unplanned urbanisation, unchecked migration, soaring numbers of fuel burning vehicles and the ever decreasing green cover have paved the way towards a future that is ‘NOT SO CLEAR’. 

Desperate measures such as the introduction of CNG Buses and the much awaited Metro have failed to change a lot. Winter, the most awaited season of the year, has become a nightmare for the Delhi residents. Smoke generated from chimneys and vehicles complimented by stubble burning mixes up with the fog. The pulchritudinous city of ours has turned into a gas chamber with opaque skies as the AQI rises to 999. 

A lot is said and a little is done. Our city, just like Yamuna stares at us with hazy, dry eyes. Can the installed Air purifiers really save us from the inevitable? Can techniques like water sprinkling, artificial rain, home air purifiers, big smog towers, etc., really solve a deep rooted life threatening problem? Future womb is infinite, and the human race is capable of miracles. 

Someone has rightly said, ‘where there is a will; there is a way.’, and I am hopeful we would find a solution together. 

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