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Muhammad Saarim Naeem
22 years, MBA, Sustainability Management

Each year, the coming of winters ushers in the happiness and joy of the festive season, but along with it also comes the rising issue of air pollution, especially in the region of Delhi. Since 2016, the problem of air pollution in Delhi has been persistent. The smog like blanket casts a gloom over the city, imparting an apocalypse-like visual to the city. Severely affected are the elderly and infants who suffer from a host of respiratory diseases. Waking up to a clear blue sky seems like a distant dream for Delhiites.

Stubble burning remains one of the main factors that contribute to the rising problem of air pollution apart from vehicular emissions, lack of infrastructure, industrial emissions and lack of concrete laws and their strict enforcement. Use of firecrackers during Diwali further aggravate the already adverse situation.

Steps to curb the air pollution have time and again proven to be ineffective and thus, require immediate attention. Most of these issues are often sidelined in the face of political mudslinging and the usual political blame-game. The administrations – both at the centre and the states need to realize the severity of the situation and work together towards mitigating the underlying problem that affects millions each year. 

However, the imposed nationwide lockdown has brought some hope. As humans lay confined to their spaces, Mother Nature started reclaiming back what was hers – the skies became brighter, rivers became cleaner and the air became breathable, thus proving that a simple and sustainable change in our lifestyle can help nature heal.

Will it be too late for humans to realize the severity of the situation that they are in? Or will we have to solely rely on God-sent showers for cleaner air till then?  Only time will tell.   

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    O mashallah, You have written very beautiful Saarim.
    God has beautified Narure. But what are we doing. We are unable to maintain this beauty till now.


    Rightful thinking. The points which you have raised , definitely need to be worked on


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