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Sustainability, today, is not an abstract concept anymore, relegated to a mere definition in economics textbooks. Sustainability and sustainable development are the new mantras which will define our new world order. In times defined by uncertainty of every kind, traditional knowledge and awareness of our surroundings is not enough. It’s necessary to have access to the bigger picture, a clearer holistic perspective. In times where pandemics require reprioritization at the drop of a hat, when businesses are looking for teams that understand new age concepts like “triple bottom line”, “circular economy”, “social return on investments” to give them an edge, when the next technological innovation is just a minute away, and ethical consumerism has become associated with sustainable growth like never before, generic information platforms don’t cut the ice. And that’s where we come in.

SUSTAINABILITY TODAY is an interesting and insightful new way of staying on top of the world around you. If it affects your business, your well-being, and your environment, we cover it. There’s something for everyone!   Sustainability Today is a digital platform developed to talk extensively of everything that impacts the 3Ps of SUSTAINABILITY – People, Planet & Profit.

Sustainability is our mantra. We talk of everything that impacts our planet, people, and business.  

Sustainability is not a choice for any of us. We are living in extra-ordinary times of uncertainties, where sustainability knowledge and information are our foremost weapons. We are on a mission to disseminate sustainability knowledge to every single one of you out there.

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